How to get Win NT to recognize the full capacity of a 200gb HD


I am trying to install a 200gb hard drive into an older Pentium 3 machine, and will be installing Win NT server.  Right now the computer is only recognizing 130 of the drives 200gb capacity.  Should I update the bios on the motherboard since I am pretty sure it has an older one on it, or is there another way?  I have had this problem using Win XP but was able to fix the problem with a Service Pack upgrade.  Any suggestions?
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gjohnson99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Promise controller card  $20 - $40.

It bios limit

the Promise has it bios
get apromise controller card  $20- $40.
toneybrown07Author Commented:
I could possible install Win 2000 server instead, would that make any difference?
toneybrown07Author Commented:
Thanks gjohnson99, I'll have to order a card it looks like, I wish our company would spring for new computers.
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