modify read only file

I have install software called reprodesk(remote). on  my computer I changed the file called orderform and orderreciept but when I install same software at my clients site it does let me change the file but then it will go back to old file basiclly it discard any changes I make to it. I try to to change to change the read only attribute but it doesnt let me.  so how can I change particular file in the program folder?
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Hi Digital_Output,

Are you on Windows (2000/XP)?
Do yo have administrator privileges?
What are the Security settings of those files?

If you have the correc tpriveleges you can use attrib from the comand line attrib -R -A -S -H

R = Read only
A = Archive
S = System
H = Hidden

Or if you'r on linux you can make the file accessible to everyone using

chmod 777

It all depends what OS, what priveleges you have, etc... Also, unless you need them to remain writeable, it's probably a good idea to change the priveleges back afterwards

Also, it's surprising that it will tell you it's changed the contents of the file rather than give an error. Normally you should get an "unable to write to file - it is read only" error emssage or similar

In summary, it's what griessh said but a bit more fluffed out

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Also, I use Also too much
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Digital_OutputAuthor Commented:
I tried to change attribute at cmd line but when I open the folder againg it still remain read only folder. Here is another question. I am able to modify files from that folder at another computer. so can I edit the file there and copy it on disk or cd. then delete the original file
 ( computer where I cant edit the file) and paste the modified file from the other computer.
 this file is linked with another file in the same folder. its like a review html page when you place an online order. first you have to filled out and order form and when you click submitt it goes on to another page for reciept to print out. basiclly i want to modify reciept page so i can put my logo and company information onit. I can change the file but when i go back and place an order it goes back to original file.
Sounds to me like some program is re-writing the file after a local change is made. Do you have any software running that would do that? Is the file generated dynamically? If  so it could be being overwritten every time you make a change
Digital_OutputAuthor Commented:
thanks for you comment basiclife. one of my friend helped me with the problem. after installing the program we delete the program folder and the paste the folder with the same name and modified files init. and it work  
>> In summary, it's what griessh said but a bit more fluffed out

But I didn't get a "C" grade for it <LOL>


If you didn't use the comment of an expert then I would suggets to get the question deleted. Some experts find it an insult to get a "C" grade.

I have to admit, I am curious - I've had straight A's so far and if I'm going to get a C, i'd rather not have the answer and lose the points. Unless there's a reason...
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