Windows XP slow logon to new Server 2003 network

I have just converted my users from a NT4.0 SBS server to 2003 SBS server.  I changed the domains.  Now the when the users logon it takes alot longer to get past the Applying Computer Settings and Applying Personal Settings.  Is there something that I need to change in group policy?  I deleted all of the user profiles from the old domain on the workstations under My Computer-Properties-Advanced-User Profiles.  Let me know if you need any other information.
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Check your DNS settings against the following setup and the KB articles:

*** TCP/IP-Settings ***
* On your SBS, make sure the only DNS server listed in the TCP/IP properties is itself.
* On your domain members, enter your SBS only as DNS server.
* Do NOT enter your ISP's DNS server in the TCP/IP settings on any domain member. All DNS resolution needs to be done by your internal DNS server *only*.

*** DNS Server Settings ***
* Delete the root zone (if present) in your DNS servers' forward lookup zones (the single dot, "."), to enable external lookups.
* Right-click your forward and reverse lookup zones, go to Properties, and make sure that Dynamic Updates are enabled.
* In the properties page of your DNS server, configure forwarders to point to your ISP's DNS. The forwarders section is the *only* entry in your network where your ISP's DNS should be listed.

Once you've checked this, open a command prompt and enter "ipconfig /registerdns", then stop and re-start the netlogon service. Check if the SRV records have been created (see link below).
For further troubleshooting, you can use dcdiag.exe and netdiag.exe to check your system for errors in the domain setup.

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fletchmanAuthor Commented:
I think between your good advice and KB305293 it got the computers logging on fast.  Thanks.
How long were you waiting for the applying settings gave way to the log on screen?  Mine is stuck on the screen for 10 minutes.
fletchmanAuthor Commented:
Make sure the NIC on Server is not set to Auto.  Set it to specific speed.  This is a fix.
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