How Do I display formatted text from an object in a list box

This is a moderately difficult problem to put into words...  However, I'll attempt to do my best.

For starters, I have a list box lbxPeople in which I am storing objects of classPeople.
I add the people to the list box with the following command, using my DataSource dsPerson and pulling records from table tblPersonRow

classPerson personEntry;
      foreach (dsPerson.tblPersonRow p in dsPerson1.tblPerson.Rows)
         personEntry = new classPerson(p.Person_ID, p.Last_Name);

I've looked in MSDN and the information on databinding sucks...

What I need to know is how to get my data out of the list box....

What I want to do is something like this...

tbxLastName.Text = lbxPlayers.Items[lbxPlayers.SelectedIndex].strLastName

but, the only option I get after SelectedIndex]. Is ToString(), GetHashCode(), Equals(),
and GetType().

So, I can see a couple ways of solving this problem.  Either figure out how to data bind the combo box, or just continue with the above reasoning and getting the info out of the list box.  Either solution would work for me.  

Oh, I am using .net 2003 if that matters

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Override the ToString() method for the ClassPerson class:

public override string ToString()
    return this.Last_Name;

this will automatically show the last name value in the listbox.



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I am agree with Razzie. But before using it, you should obtain an in-depth understanding of the problem. Take a look at the following line of code. It will help you to understand what is going wrong!

tbxLastName.Text = ((classPerson)lbxPlayers.Items[lbxPlayers.SelectedIndex]).strLastName

Items array of listbox control, is an array of objects of type System.Object. You store your System.Object inherited objects in it. So, you should first cast them to their original class.

hope to be helpful...
kevonAuthor Commented:
Thanks to you both.  The problem required both solutions so I split the points.

Here's what I ended up doing...

private void FillPlayerListBox()
      classPlayer playerEntry;
      foreach (dsPerson.tblPersonRow p in dsPerson1.tblPerson.Rows)
            playerEntry = new classPlayer(p.Person_ID, p.First_Name, p.MI, p.Last_Name, p.Address_1, p.City, p.State, p.Zip, p.Home_Phone, p.Cell_phone, p.Email_Address);

and then...  to access it, exactly what Farshid said...  casting to the classPerson type..

Thanks both!!!
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