Software recommedations to clone 80GB drive with Win 2003 loaded.

I have a RAID 1 set up with two 80 GB drives mirroring each other off a PCI RAID card.
There are 2 IDE ports on the motherboard...but only 1 is in use by an IDE cable leading to a CD-RW.

I would like to add an 80 GB drive on the available IDE port as a slave....(so the RAID Card doesn't confuse having multiple masters).   I would then like to run some sort of cloning software that will take an indentical working image of the c: Drive.

This new copy will be for disater recovery.  If Server is ruined in a fire...this drive is put in..already working and ready to go...and a back up tape can be then added to bring in any data that was saved on the Server since the clone was made.  
I amnot looking for a Norton Ghosr image file that ends in .gho.

I am seeking to end up with an actual operational working WIN 2003 Server hard drive.

If you need any more info...just ask.  Thank you.
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youre1mConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you not remove one of your existing disks, use that as the back up image of the machine and then put your new disk in to the machine (on the PCI raid card) and rebuild the mirror image as if you had a failed sik within the mirror?

Otherwise take a ghost image of your exisiting disk and restore it to the spare HDD to create a ready to run image on the spare disk.
www_JamesClancy_comAuthor Commented:
I was not sure if removing the mirrored drive already in the RAID is as easy as physically removing it and placing in a new 80GB.  I also am not sure if the mirror would just boot up normally if placed into the #1 position.  If this can be done, i will try...but this is not my server and the company cannot afford to have a downed server that will take a day or more to rebuild.

That is why I am seeking to have a physical separate 80GB mirror of the Harddrive off site in addition to any backup tapes they want to do nightly.
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