palm hotsync via wifi?

I have a Tungsten C, and I'd like to quit having to place it in the cradle in order to Hotsync it. How can I use wifi to sync my palm with my pc?

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Wi-Fi Hotsync (TH55, etc.)

Check "Network" in Hotsync manager on desktop. You must have performed a regular Hotsync with the cable at least once before trying the network Hotsync.
Turn off PC Firewalls - Wi-Fi Hotsync will not work if the PC you are trying to sync with has a software firewall running. Windows XP defaults to running one on new wireless connections. What's more, it seems to sometimes revert to turning it back on from time to time. Go into the Connection Settings and turn OFF "Protect my computer and network by limiting or preventing access to this computer from the internet"
Turn off Handheld PowerSave Mode - For some reason, the TH55 will not Hotsync with PowerSave Mode enabled. Go into the Advanced tab in the Network Prefs on the device and turn it OFF.
Set the Handheld Primary PC User - Once you successfully Hotsync, set the User Name in the Hotsync "Primary PC" settings to "!!" (without the quotes). This will tell Hotsync to use the IP address on the PC setup directly.
Set Handheld Hotsync to Modem - Also set the Modem Sync prefs from the menu to Network
Specify Conduits - A very nice feature of this Hotsync method is the ability to specify which conduits to sync via the Conduit Setup menu option. This allows you turn off things like Avantgo, SplashPhoto, DocsToGo, etc. if desired to reduce Hotsync time.
bobwood2000Author Commented:
Success! Thank you very much.
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