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802.11b vs 802.11g

A friend of mine is about to purchase a wireless router for his home to connect to the internet with 2 computers, his and hers. He was told by a Best Buy sales person to buy the more expensive 802.11g since it connects to the internet so much faster than the old 802.11b. I told him to save his money and purchase the 802.11b which is so much cheaper now. I told him that I "don't think" the speed differential in the routers affects the internet connection speed. Was I correct ? If so, can you point me to a link that he can read for himself where it explains based on testing why. If not, than point me to a link that proves 11g is faster connecting to the internet.

Thanks, Will
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Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
Yes. You are correct. The connection speed is only between the computer and the router. Unless you have an internet connection faster then 11mbps, 802.11g will not improve your internet performance.

richie72846Author Commented:
I agree, but can you point me to an official web site that offers a technical explanation?

Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
It's pretty cut and dried.
802.11b = 11Mb (6M throughput shared)
802.11g = 54Mb (about 48M shared throughput)
Braodband cable/DSL = 3Mb MAX. The speed or throughput of the inside clients talking to the router has absolutely no bearing on how fast you can access the Internet. If I only have a 1.5Mb link to the Internet, so what if I can connect to the router at 54Mb, or at 2Mb - it has no affect on the speed of the internet connection as long as I connect faster than the 1.5M.

If, however, the two PC's are going to be sharing files and printers as most home networks do, the faster they can talk to each other, the better.
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