suppress an empty subreport (with new page before and after the group)

hi all,

I  am working on CR 8.5, which has 1 main report and 1 sub-report (linked), they are linked with an companyID, so if the main report has one companyID say "1001" and if the subreport doesn't have it, it will still be printed, and now I want to suppress the whole sub-report if the sub-report doesn't have this companyID in the database (of the subreport), now I can successfully suppress all the fields (report header, group header, details, and group footer) which suppose to return an empty report, and in the main report I suppress that field (which is in group footer d) if it is blank, and it doesn't work, a blank page still appear in the output, anyone has any idea?
there is actually a solution here:
however my problem is for this empty report, I put it in a group footer (the forth group footer), whereas I insert a new page both before and after this footer, therefore a blank page always appear. please help.

Well, up to this point I get it done basically, however, as the subreport will prompt for parameter fields, if I insert the subreport twice, I have to enter the parameter twice which may cause error, is there any possible solution so that I can eliminate one step for entering actually duplicate data?
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This problem is fixed in CR9.  Have you apllied the latest service pack for CR8.5, it may solve it.


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