Best Low cost Firewall for Web Hosting

I am starting a web hosting company. We are starting with 2 servers co-located in a data center. I need a switch and a Firewall and I am not sure what to go with. The server set me back so I am trying to find the best but cost effective solution. What do you recommend to meet our needs and a reasonable budget?
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You didn't mention your exact budget, but I'm a big fan of the Cisco PIX 515E.  It's very economical and allows you to add-on later as your needs change (adding fail-over, memory, and additional interfaces for example).  We have 2 of these (with stateful failover configuration) these at all of our sites.  We also uses these for site-to-site and client VPN which works very nicely.

However, as I'm not sure what price range you're looking in it's hard to tell if this would be "too much" for you.  Maybe overkill, maybe not :)
HighSecuredAuthor Commented:
I was looking for what I can get by with I have looked at the Cisco 506 and 506e on eBay they seem reasonable I am not sure the difference though? I was looking to get the switch and firewall for around $800 total
The PIX 506 should be adequate for you. Difference between 506 and 506e - the "E" stands for "Enhanced" VPN capabilities. It also has capability of 10/100 on both interfaces, the 506 (discontinued model) was 10Mb only.

The PIX just has so many more capabilities than most of the other products that I would not recommend anything else (could just be my narrow experience base with other products).

You can use any switch to get you going. Get a 8 port 10/100/1000 switch for $200


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HighSecuredAuthor Commented:
Ok almost done I found a CISCO CATALYST 2900 Model 2916-XL This will work for what i am trying to do then?
That should be mighty fine for what you need to get started.. but it's a very old model and updating the code will be difficult for you.

I would suggest getting something new with warranty...
Like this Linksys

HighSecuredAuthor Commented:
The CISCO PIX 501 is a firewall and a switch but the Cisco rep said it was not enough for what I need what do you guys think?
The 501 is the littlest guy in the lineup. It's just not designed for any serious traffic like web hosting, and does not have enough horsepower. It might get you started if you don't have much traffic, but I wouldn't bet my hosting business on it. You would have to completely replace it if you outgrew it.

How much data are you looking to pass?

The PIX is nice, but you need to learn the interface, which probably means you will be posting here a lot more.

Look at the SonicWall. The TZ170 has a five port Switch built in and can handle light loads, probably good enough to start with.  Get it with the Enhanced OS. It will give you a lot more options.

If you need more horsepower and don't want to reinvest in six months, a year, get a 3060 or 4060. It wil be much more than you need right now.

If you start with the TZ170 and go to something bigger, you can easily eport your settings and then reimport them.
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