redo.log deleted and can't start Oracle

Hi there,

I am using Oracle9i on Redhat Linux

Recently I accidentally deleted a redo.log files in the path

And when I use the Enterprise Manager Console to startup the database
It gives a message

ORA-00313: open failed for members of log group 2 of thread 1
ORA-00312: online log 2 thread 1:
ORA-27037: unable to obtain file status
Linux Error: 2: No such file or directory
Additional information:3

Are there anyway to rebuild the log file?

I am a total newbie of Oracle
someone please help

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vickerleungAuthor Commented:
Thanks paquicuba and riazpk,

What I have tried is to drop the invalidated logfile group 2
But failed~

It returns

ORA-01623: log 2 is current log for thread 1 - cannot drop
ORA-00312: online log 2 thread 1: '/usr/oracle/oradata/ASPCP/redo02.log'

Let me conclude what is my situation again, as I learn more from the books, etc
Originally have 3 logfile group
And 2 logfiles present redo01 and redo02
I accidentally deleted redo01 and redo02
So the oracle fails to start

I logged into sqlplus and dropped the logfile group 1 successfully
and recreate the group 1 successfully
However group 2 fails... with the error message stated above

And I failed to do a switch log file process
which comes with a message
ORA-01109: database not open

But the fact is... I can't open the database... =.="

So please somebody guide me through it~ thanks!!

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ORA-01623 log string is current log for thread string - cannot drop

Cause: A thread's current log cannot be dropped even if the thread is closed. A disabled thread usually does not have a current log, but a half completed disable may need to be disabled again.

Action: If the database is not open then disable the thread. If the database is open and an instance has the thread open, then the instance can be requested to switch logs. If the database is closed the log can be archived or cleared to force a switch.

Also take a look at
and search for ORA-01623
 in the INIT.ORA file using which the database can be forced
to be started without applying changes from the online redo logs.

So find the init.ora file, add the new line and try to open so

SQL>startup pfile=...../init.ora

If you succeed to start the database, before repairing actions,
make a full DB export in order to keep a copy of the DB. May be a full cold back
will be a good idea.

After that recreate all log groups and multiplex the groups creating at least 3 members in each group. Oracle .pdf
have many examples how to do this.
vickerleungAuthor Commented:
Thanks riazpkm, schwertner

All of your solutions I have tried, but no luck~ :p

No matter, I have already formatted the PC and do them all over again
Because I am just doing testing, do it all over again is just fine~!!

Thanks all, you all deserve the points!!
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