Flash masking layer showing on movie

Hello all,
   I am quite new to Flash, so I will explain this as best I can.  I created a new movie.  On this movie I have created 3 layers.  

Layer 1 (the bottom most layer) is a colored rectangle that covers the stage area.  

Layer 3 (the top most layer) contains a multi line text block that has been converted to a symbol.  On frame 1 the text is below the stage, and at frame 50 the text is above the stage (vertical travel only).  

Layer 3 then has a motion tween to have the text travel up the stage.  

Layer 2 has a rectangle that has a linear gradient where the top 20% is the graident that goes from 100% alpha to 0% alpha.  The rest of the rectangle is white.

Next on Layer three I select the "Mask" option for the layer.  

Now when I press enter to watch the movie on the stage, no problems.  The mask layer acts correctly and the text fades out at the top of the movie as I wish.  However when I press Ctrl + Enter to test the movie the masking area (the white rectangle with the gradient at the top) is visible and the text does not show.  This behavior also occurs when I export the movie.  

What I am doing wrong?

Thanks all.
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Is the text dynamic text or static?  If you click on the text then look in the properties section there will  be a drop down menu thing on the top left of the properties box.  That is where you can change it.  It needs to be set to static.  Because you can't tween dynamic text.   If you have to tween dynamic text I haven't found a way to do it.  That is most likely what your problem is.  If not can you post the file so we can take a look it is probably something simple.

edcAuthor Commented:
Hi fixitben,
   Thanks for your comments.  The text is static, and after creating it I converted it into a symbol.  The tweening of the text works without a problem if I don't use the mask layer.  It's when I have the mask layer that the mask area (the white rectangle that should be interpreted as the area to show the text) is showing in the published movie rather than acting as a masking layer.
I think You Have your conecpt layers and masks confused.  Here is a file that I created that I think does what you want.  http://theyac.org/experts/mask.fla  I shifted the layers so you can see the difference.  You need to have the text as the bottom most layer then the big square above the text the the gradient above that.  Then right click on the big square layer and set that one to mask not the text layer.  Then you will see the green symbol appear next to the big square layer  and then a subset green symbol next to the text layer.  That shows that the big square is masking the text.

Hope this helps

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edcAuthor Commented:
Thanks Ben.  That helped out just right.
Your welcome Glad I could help

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