DVD Backup of Samba

Any suggestions for an inexpensive backup system for following:

Samba server with Windows 98 & XP workstations
One new PC has XP Pro with the new Sony 8G DVD writer

Been using BackupMyPC to back up from a P2P network to the DVD
However, now installed a new server (Linux) with Samba and the BackupMyPC will not read from the Samba folders. So need a new solution.

Nedd to back up files from Samba (accounting data) and the local XP PC which has the payroll on it.
Alex AngusDirectorAsked:
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Just out of curiosity, have you tried mapping the samba volume to a local drive letter to see if BackupMyPC will recognize it that way? Veritas says network volumes must be mapped to be backed up, and they're the original authors of BackupMyPC.
Alex AngusDirectorAuthor Commented:
Yes, it is mapped to L: drive.
Click on c: drive and files/sub-folders appear.
Click on L: blank.
You can even select it with the little tick next to the L: but nothing backs up and just the rights error comes up.

You can create a shell script on the Samba Server that takes a backup of all the data you need in a file and have it run through cron every time you need to take the backup (let's say every saturday morning).
If you important samba folder that you want to backup are /data1 /data2 that script would look like this:

tar cvzf /fs_with_lots_of_space_to_fit_all_folders_backup_up/smd_backup.tar.gz /data1 /data2

Then you should transfer this file to the windows machine either with ftp, or scp (you have to download a command line version of scp for windows) of even rcp (not recommended!).

scp root@my_samba_server://fs_with_lots_of_space_to_fit_all_folders_backup_up/smd_backup.tar.gz .

This way you have your backup file localy in windows and i am sure that you know better than me what to do next :-) Of course all this procedure above can be done automatically through cron and Task Manager.

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This is probably not a limitation of the BackupMyPC software, as others have reported successfully backing up Samba shares using it.

Troxalias' approach should work around this problem, but I'm curious as to why it's happening in the first place.
You said a "rights error" appears. That could indicate a problem with your SMB configuration. Can you post the actual error you receive?

ok by me
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