Copying User Names, Passwords, Group Policies, Folders and Data Files w\Permissions from Windows 2000 Server to Windows 2003 Server

I have a Windows 2000 Sever (the only server currently on the network) and I want to copy the User and Group Policy Information and data files to a new Windows 2003 Server running RAID 1. The data folders and files have numerous permission settings, i.e, some users have no access to some folders, some have read only and others have full access, etc.  The old Windows 2000 Server will remain on the network as a backup  This network is a workgroup and not a domain.  Active Directory is not used. I have read that software packages don't always work.  What is the easiest way to accomplish this?  
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WeHeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As the new users on the new server are not the same (differend secure id - SID) as on the old sever, even if you create the same users (names) on the new server, if you copy the files including rights, no user would have his estimated access.
You can copy the users with tools like hyena or dameware.
to copy the files, you can use robocopy, but you have to recreate the access structure.
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