100Mbps not getting configured in P4 system


We changed the hub in our office to D-Link switch 100mbps and all the ethernet cards to compex card. We have 12 systems and all are connected to the switchand the os is win2000 Prof. Now all the 7 p3 systems is working in 100mbps and other 5 p4 systems are not  getting configured to 100 mbps. Its working in only 10 half mode. even if i try it with auto mode it selects only 10mbps.  All the systems have the same configuration 52x cdrom and 80gb baracuda hdd, 512 ram, 64mb Agp and win 2000 prof.

one P4 system is 845 motherboard with Dlink ethernet card and the the other p4 systems are 865 mother board with compex card ethernet card.

My advance thanks for the clarification.
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In order to drill down to a solution, I would recommend that you try out solutions on just one of the P4s until you get it to work the way you want.

The reason for this kind of problem is most often bad cabling. 100 Mb/s will not work if the cabling is not really CAT5 end-to-end, incl connectors etc. If possible, try to connect directly to the switch using a proper CAT5 patchcable, or move a P4 to one of the connectors known to work well for P3. This will tell you if the problem is related to the computers or to the cabling.

If this does not help, take the following steps in preferred order:
(You might anyhow want to do this even if you found problem to be cable-related)

- Update the BIOS on motherboard
- I take it that you all patches, servicepacks etc. have been installed from Windows Update? If not, do it.
- Find the latest drivers for the Ethernet card and install it.

Still no luck? Try another card....

Let us know how this works for you.

Regards from Norway

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