Web Page Link Won't Load - Repeated Clicking Noise with IE6

I am running IE6 with a recent upgrade to Service Pack 2 forWindows XP Home Ed.  Most pages appear to load just fine, but I am having a problem loading some pages.  For instance, I am a frequent visitor to the ESPN fantasy sports site (http://games.espn.go.com/cgi/home/Request.dll?FRONTPAGE).  I often look up player info there through the Player News Center feature, but I am having a problem since upgrading to SP2.  Instead of loading the page with the found players' names, the web page now doesn't load and that annoying IE clicking noise repeats over and over as it appears to try to load.  I made sure all Java checkboxes are checked in the IE6 options and I turned off the SP2 firewall, but the problem continues.  What could be the problem?
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Asta CuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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Will not load in XP SP2 IE 6 SP2
Hi agiantman,
>  Instead of loading the page with the found players' names, the web
> page now doesn't load and that annoying IE clicking noise repeats over
> and over as it appears to try to load.

This could be possibly because of the Information bar which tries to block the pop-ups in that webpage
Description of the Internet Explorer Information Bar in Windows XP SP2


To turn off , you might need to lower the security settings so it is upto you to decide..
Asta CuCommented:
You might benefit by adding the link to Security - Trusted Zones and going to IE - tools - internet options - Privacy - Pop Up Blocker - settings and pasting the link there as well.  After this is done, close IE and then reopen and try again.
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agiantmanAuthor Commented:
I should have mentioned that I turned off the new Pop-up Blocker feature and the problem continued.
Does it happen to any website like www.cnn.com 
or just one website..

Do you have any other pop-up blocker apart from inbuilt one like google toolbar ?
Asta CuCommented:
Did you also try what I mentioned above? Security - Trusted Zones and going to IE also didn't help?

Test Java and Java Applets here:
or here
agiantmanAuthor Commented:
I made sure the Security - Trusted Zones setting was on low - no change.  CNN and other sites seem to work fine.  I am not running another pop-killer.  I tested java and java applets on those test sites (Good ones BTW) and all is okay there.  This site worked before upgrading to SP2.  When I put in the name "Jackson" and "NBA," it should bring up this site:  http://games.espn.go.com/cgi/fba/request.dll?PLAYERBYNAME&Param0=jackson

Nothing comes up-- only the repeated clicking noise, as if it keeps trying to load but can't.
Surprisingly , the above link gives noises for me..
There is nothing displayed on the screen and I see the cursor blinking in the address bar.

Did you try in another browser other than IE to check if you can view that very page ..

Looks to me that the search engine in that website is not working correctly.. COuld be a site issue as what Asta has detected
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