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The Best antivirus solution

This is probably one of the most frequently asked question in this forum. Nevertheless I`ll bring it back up.
 I`d like to hear others experiences and recommandations. What I`d like to set focus on is: Easyness of maintaining, Easyness of Installing, trobuleshooting, which grade of security it gives your network, the less resource-demanding(CPU & disc) the better, price  and last but not least: compatibility with windows 2000 server and Exchange 2000 server.

State the reason for your choice.

The company I work for has until now used  Trend NeatSuite for Small and Medium Businesses as their solution. There has been a major issue with this software: after upgrading/installed v. 5.58 the ServerProtect has not been able to upgrade since January. Yes that`s correct January. Luckily I`m not to blame. I started in this job a few weeks ago and have since then tried to find a good solution for this problem. I`ve read throug most of Trend`s support pages, tried all recomended solutions without luck, read through this forum and googled.. I`ve uninstalled, reinstalled...everything in the suite. I`ve tried to do it in the right order. Therefore I`ve been thinking of maybe look for another product , maybe from another company. The only problem is that the company is not willing to put too much mony into it. (Strange, but true).

all suggestins is appreciated.
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All of the major av vendors are going to cya for the known malware. If it isn't working or if it takes days to get new signature files to react to a fresh outbreak the software isn't worth getting even if it was less expensive up front.  

This is going to sound like an incredible cop-out, but back 15-20 years ago (probably longer) there was a saying, that nobody ever got fired for buying IBM equipment. There is a grain of wisdom to this though. (although there is a flip side) If a major virus outbreak happens and all your stuff gets broke and you are using a popular av, then your boss isn't as likely to go nuts since he'll probably be reading how the banks or the army or somebody else has also been shutdown.

The downsides of this logic are that if you're running with the crowd you're going caught in the same traps too. There has been malware with payloads targeted at the NAV client. Another problem with the logic is that it kind of squelches innovation. As bad as that sounds, I'm afraid up and comers are going to have to be innovative on somebody else's network. I'm sticking with the tried and true until I can feel comfortable with the up and comers.

So you can see where I'm going with this, the largest of the av companies generally (not always) have pretty well polished products that install well and work well and that have additional features. I would be willing to pay the extra money up front to avoid the problems I've mentioned. Personally, I would go with either the Norton or McAfee solutions and actually Trend Micro is a good choice too, somebody just chose a poor product.

We use NAV on the servers and we have a couple of NAVCE servers to update our servers (60 give or take) and our workstations 1,200 give or take. Right now, we have NAV for Exchange on the exchange server but that is going to change to McAfee's Exchange product and their content filter. We had a little bit of a bumpy time when we converted to NAVCE, getting all the clients to look at the right servers was kind of a trial and error process for a few days. Installation has always been easy. NAV, but as far as I know any AV can throw some quirkiness into a system every once in a while. I don't remember the specifics, but we have had a couple of problems with the AV causing problems for an application. There has always been a work around no big problems though.

I can't give you specifics on the cpu utilization, I've never looked at it. We've just figured it's something that has to be done and damn the torpedoes. On the desktop(which probably is a useless comparison) though, I can tell you that the real-time scan takes almost no resources. If you kick in a full scan, it is painful though.

As far as the cost of AV, you need to let the folks you work for understand that they will pay for the cost of anti-virus software. It's like the old television commercial "you can pay me now, or you can pay me later". It's not difficult to find articles like the one I'm linking below. If I was you, I'd put together a quick power point and explain why it is important to go ahead and pay a little bit of money now. They might lose data, reputation, computer time, have to pay you to work hours to fix things. It's just not worth it. One outbreak and they're in the red.

Good luck & have fun!


we use sophos enterprise manager where i work. I find it a really neat program now i've got the hang of it. It autoupdates itself from a parent enterprise manager hourly. the workstations check for updates hourly. when they find one they reinstall themselves and it cant be cancelled.

I configured one machine to notify me by internal email of any viruses found but not to tell the user and then to automatically clean them i get an report email too. I retrieved this config from the machine and then using the em applied it to all the other machines. What i really like is that I can push installs onto machines from the em console. i can also force updates and apply configurations. if there's a problem with the em, which has happened once.
i can simply install the EM on another machine and then make it remotely update the CID (central installation data) of the workstations to be this new machine. Practically runs itself.  All i have to do is occasionally check that updates are being retrieved and that all the machines have the config.

I expect tho that most enterprise products behave like this. I cant tell you the price cos we got it from our parent organisation. we get our updates from their enterprise manager upstream.
Below is a list of Certified AntiVirus by ICSA. These are enterprise class antivirus products. Most runs on multi-platform environment with a comprehensive suite for Exchange, Gateways ...etc. As for pricing, you can get quotes from your local vendor or resellers.

ICSA Certified AntiVirus Software

At work, we are using Symantec AntiVirus Corp Edition (v9.0 = current). As we are not using Exchange could not comment on the live implementation. But our Symantec AntiVirus for Lotus Notes is running fine on our Domino mail server.

As for the Servers and PCs clients, it is what tmcguiness had mentioned.

We had evaluated NAI/ McAfee, Trend Micro and some other products. Results from our in-house testing, we had selected Symantec based on least problem getting it installed on various OSes, easy configuration and management, fast virus to solution response update and extensive mail rules and content-filtering capabilities .

Good Luck in your search...;-)
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Norton? Heavy;
McAfee? Unstable;

Had great experience with avast! AntiVirus software; Its a small software, a fast one, reliable, stable and FREE!!!. Just dont sleep leaving your computer and speakers on if you didnt disable 'Voice Warnings' otherwise you will PANIC as soon as the computer finds a Virus... Ohh those sirens...


avast Link:


I agree with several of the above - Symantec Enterprise (sometimes called Norton too!) is my choice for safety, reliability, those ever needed FAB's (features, advantages and benefits) and peace of mind.

NEGATIVE:  It's not cheap, but top quality never is.  Heavy (CPU) usage - either you want realtime protection or you don't (many people don't realize that you can configure it to use less CPU power at the cost of protection!).

POSITIVE:  Easy to install, distribute, update, control, and repair.  We had an instance once where a new virus (undetected by Norton) actually infected over 500 notebooks!  Disaster!  I was responsible for writing the software that we eventually distributed to repair Norton, erase the Virus, and get the machines back up and running.  Took about a week, but we had about a 95% success rate!
Didnt see you need a network solution;

Norton Corporate edition is my choice as well....

Steve McCarthy, MCSE, MCSA, MCP x8, Network+, i-Net+, A+, CIWA, CCNA, FDLE FCIC, HIPAA Security OfficerIT Consultant, Network Engineer, Windows Network Administrator, VMware AdministratorCommented:
Symantec Corporate Edition
Another vote for Symantec Corporate Edition.
I have been using SAVEE for several years now. Get's my vote.
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