Adding Memory Makes System Unstable. How to fix?

I bought a stripped down cheap computer for running test applications.

It only came with 128MB of PC2700 RAM so I bought another 256MB: same speed, different manufacturer (Corsair Value/Select vs. generic that came with it).

When having it in the computer during an installation, it made a 1 minute task take 60 and after installation, I get a blue-screen after shutting down.

If I remove one stick or the other, the system appears stable, but I don't get it. Why doesn't the memory try to get along?

It's a Biostar u8668d if that helps, and it's supposed to be able to handle 2 GB of memory I guess.

What could be happening?

I need to add another 256-512MB, so I want to make sure I'm not upsetting something delicate here.
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stockhesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Mister Bum

You motherboard supports DDR200&DDR266 (PC1600&PC2100) ram speeds.

Furtermore it does not support CAS latency of 3, which most value rams require.

However as you ram is faster than your Mobo this should work ok

Check in your BIOS that DRAM timing is set to SPD.

use everest home edition to gather information from your PC

JogorhanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've been told that different sticks of ram don't like playing with each other. Sometimes, even if they're the same brand and size, they can be from different manufacturers with different chipsets, which can cause problems. Your best solution would be to go back and get another stick of the kind your just bought, or if you want to spend a bit more, a single stick of 256 or 512, and see if either of the 128 sticks work good with it.
boulder_bumAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys. It turned out that the original OEM stick of memory was the finicky one. Oddly enough, it came with a cheapo stick of PC2700 out of the box.

Extra props to stockhes for the detail.
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