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Canon Webview world & Watchguard Firewalls

I'm trying to setup a canon VB-C10 (E) Network camera  & have no problems with it or the java interface
controlling it with a computer on the same side of the network.
This network is on the optional side of my watchguard 2500 firewall.

If I fire up a web browser on the trusted side of my firewall, (same ver java on both machines) I get
the main webpage, the java app launches & a "connecting to camera...." messages starts showing.
After a couple of minutes, it ends with a "camera not available" message.

There are no errors or denied traffic shown in the firewall log & I have created a service for the camera.
The camera uses TCP port 65310 as the video transmission port and TCP port 65311 as the camera control
port for the webview livescope settings page.

As a matter of interest, I cannot connect to Canon's webview world examples either, so I figure it must be
the firewall. ( Since the computer can view these sites if I use a dial up connection)

The webview world is at :

Could someone with a Watchguard unit try hitting the above page & see if they get through ?
I've had no response from a similar question I posted on the watchguard support site ,
so any suguestions welcomed


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1 Solution
I can get at it from behind a Firebox X700.

Are you using the HTTP filter or the HTTP proxy service?

If you are using the proxy service, change it to the filter and try it.  If it works, then the problem is in your proxy service configuration.  The proxy service has lots of options for tweaking web traffic, and problems like this are often related to a misconfiguration there.
Antarctic_TechAuthor Commented:
Yep, I have tried both the http filter & proxy services with no joy.
Had removed all options as far as the proxy goes when tried that.

I'm on the latest ver of the firewall s/w too.

Did you checked the settings of the http proxy ?
There is a "deny java applet" chek box.

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Antarctic_TechAuthor Commented:
yep !

I had initially tried the proxy settings with all the options unticked & then when I had
no luck went to the http filter.

When I had no luck there, I thought it was time to hit the user groups !

I'm also waiting to hear from our Company ISP to see if they're doing anything as far
as using transparent proxies which could be stuffing things up.

Sort of hints of something downstream if folks are getting to the site through the
http filter.

Will post some news if I find something out

You can try to make a specific filter, which allow the traffic from your trusted to the IP address of the web site.
This filter will be examined before the http filter or proxy.

If this still doesn't work, try to temporary allow the communication with this web site with the "any" service
As the any service is alway the first service examined, if this still doesn't work, the problem is not in your services configuration.

Good luck
Antarctic_TechAuthor Commented:
Yep - the "any" service fixed the access to the website, so went back & applied that setting to
the webcam on the optinal interface & the trusted.

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