difference between unix and linux

hello masters,

i am a newbie to this site, and i am a learner of computers. please, tell me the actual technical difference between unix and linux, which some say the same with different flavours. please tell me the difference in flavours.

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woof-dogConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would firstly suggest a search on google for a answer you are after.

Linux is a free O/S (which you may pay for with certain distro's).  Many people run Linux for several different reasons.  Some for programing, web servers, e-mail server, file server, backup server, firewalls, don't like Windows and many more reasons.

Unix is normally know as a 64 bit O/S (linux mainly being 32 bit until recently as 64 bit chips are coming out), once again there are several different types of Unix.  Solaris, HP-UX, AIX and so on.   Mostly you will find this O/S isn't free and must be paid for.  It has more professional support from companies who make it then Linux.  

I would say 1 of the main differences is that UNIX is paid for and in a 64 Bit O/S where as Linux is mostly free and a 32 Bit O/S.  Apart from that you really need to state what distro's you want a differences found between.  Just to say Linux and Unix is a very open question.

To find the best answer you are after and not what someone else is after run a search on www.google.com and search for "difference between linux and unix" then you shoudl find the answer you are after.
I see difference in name, don't you ???
> ..  technical difference ..
there're tons of books and papers and websites out in the wild. Do you really want that all to see here?

i.g. Linux is freeware/GPL, while most Unix are proprietary systems.
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There's plenty of papers and info as to the technical difference.

However, if you are looking at it from the novice end user point of view, there really isn't that much difference between Linux and any of the Unix flavours.  

As far as I know linux runs on 64-bit Alphas for ages, and at least Solaris and AIX is explicitly free for those having hardware.
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