DOS Command Line Problem

Hey Everybody,

I am the newly appointed administrator of a nework, and I need to be able to add new accounts to my system using MS DOS command line.

Here are my specifications:

>> the method must work using MS DOS command prompt
>> the method must work on windows NT and windows XP
>> the new accounts must be able to have full admin rights
>> it would be great if the changes would be made to my entire network, if not that's still ok

Any help would be much appreciated,
Southern Curriez
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Hi blood_in_my_eye_16,

You can do much of this with the NET USER command:

Add user "fred" to domain:
NET USER fred password /ADD /DOMAIN

Put "fred" in Domain Admins group:
NET GROUP "Domain Admins" /ADD fred /DOMAIN

Does that help?

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blood_in_my_eye_16Author Commented:
Hey scampgb thanks for replying...

I am having slight difficulties with this (unfortunately im new to windows).

When testing it out on my home computer:

1) I managed to add a new account without the admin rights by using    NET USER test 123456 /ADD
2) When I tried    NET GROUP  it returned "This command can only be used on a Windows Domain Controller"

1) how can i get this test account to have admin rights?
2) i will try this out on monday on the computers in my network... will this only work on the server or will it work on the ordinary pc's also?

Southern Curriez
Those commands were designed to be run on a network that uses a domain.  You have to run them from a PC that's part of the domain, and be logged in with an account that has Account Administrator rights.

Windows XP Home cannot be part of a domain, which is why you got the error.
On your home machine, you can make the new account into an administrator using the "User Accounts" option in Control Panel
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If you want the new user to be admin on his own machine (and probably that what u need)  then use:

Net LocalGroup "Administrators" /Add username

if you want him to be admin on the domain then use the syntax suggested by scampgb
blood_in_my_eye_16Author Commented:
Net LocalGroup "Administrators" /Add username1
produces the errror   "There is no such global user or group: username1"

i also need to make the new user admin on the entire network (if this is possible).

is the a in-depth tutorial or similar that explains how to do this in detail, because i cant seem to get anything to work here
first create the user:

NET USER username1 password /ADD

then add him to the administrators group:

Net LocalGroup "Administrators" /Add username1

if u want him to be administrator for the whole network check what scampgb, it's right
blood_in_my_eye_16Author Commented:
ahhh that's it

i didnt realize that the user had to be created first, before he was made local admin or domain admin... everything works now

thanks a lot guys
you're welcomed
thanks for the points
Glad I could help :-)
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