Trouble with WinXP labeling the C drive as H drive on new install

I have never seen this happen before - My computer crashed, I tore it apart and put a new hard drive in it, I set the new one up as the master and the crashed one as the slave, When I installed windows XP on it - For some reason the old drive stayed as the C drive and the new drive was designated as the H drive??? Why did this happen and how do I get the new drive to be recognized as the C drive???
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Stephen CroftTechnical ArchitectCommented:
ok two things

1) doesnt matter what drive letter it is, windows xp will still run as good as it does on any drive letter.

2) Remove the second harddisk when you install xp, then plug it in when your installation is finished. Make sure Xp installs onto a PRIMARY partition, not a Extended logical one.

Ive had that problem several times myself, and 2) always resolves it. Bad point is that you have to reformat again. :(

good luck

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ditto on that one, djxtreme. install XP without the old drive in there. after the install, *then* put the old drive in.

I've had this issue in the past and his suggestion works fine.
Boot ur system from CDDrive or floopy. Type fdisk on CMD and enter. and u will see option 5 (current fixed Disk). select it and change ur current fix disk. the next time when u will logon on ur problem will be solved.
Good Luck
Stephen CroftTechnical ArchitectCommented:
ariez if im picturing what your saying right, i dont think that would work. Think that would either do nothing or make his situation worse. no offence pal. :(

duvallAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys !!!!!
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