Cannot read disc in cd-rom

Not sure if this is the right place for this question.  I inherited an HP 7840 with Win ME and a bunch of viruses and spyware - it was a real mess.  The problem was that there was none of the original software that came with the computer and HP was no help, so I wrote zeros to the hard drive and started over with Win98SE.  After a lot of searching for drivers I finally got everything up and running except that I can't read a cd in the cd drive.  Windows shows the drive (E) but when I click on it I get an error message saying the drive is not ready.  I also have a CD-RW drive (D) that works fine.  When I put a disk in drive E I can hear it spin, but cannot access the disk.  The cd drive is a Lite-on Model LTN485S with firmware revision JKU2. Their website (Lite-on) was not much help either, as I couldn't  even find jumper setting info.
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My first guess is that the drive is dead. If you have another CDROM drive you can put in there just to make sure it isnt the controller, that will help verify if the drive itself is bad or not.

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Put a bootable cd-rom inside the drive in question and see if you can read properly from there or not, do the same with the CD-RW just to make sure that you get the boot sequence correct in BIOS.

if the drive could not read the CD, then it is fault drive already and need to be replaced. It will save you a lot more time rather then looking around the net and asked for answer that turn out to be a drive replacement.

You might get lucky, and it might just be dirty. Get a CD Cleaner and try that ( it's a cd with a little brush on it. cost about 5 dollars US). But the odds are it is bad. Test it in another system to make sure.
volts10Author Commented:
Thanks.   The drive was bad.  I swapped it with one from another computer and it didn't work in the other computer either, but the drive from the other computer worked fine in this one.  Again, thanks.
Thank you much.    : )
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