Good VB .NET Database book

Hi Experts!!

Can anyone recommend me a very good  Database Project with VB .NET BOOK.
Note: I know the basic stuff. the book i am looking for has to have a very good examples of how
to build a database application with MULTIPLE RELATED TABLES.(ONE TO MANY, MANY TO MANY)


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bgearyclConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've worked with a few of them that I liked. Probably the most helpful to date has been Microsoft ADO.NET Step By Step. It suffers from a lack of good examples, but it does show most of the concepts pretty well. Specifically dealing with multiple relations, the Microsoft ADO.NET Core Reference has a pretty good chapter on Working with Relational Data (including many to many relationships). I also have heard of a couple of others that people liked, but haven't worked with personally - Essential AD.Net and ADO.Net cookbook.

Except for the step by step book, all of these are available as online books at which for 20 bucks a month gives you ten books available. It is a good way to preview books and then just buy ones you're more comfortable with.
I am working through a book called "Programming in Visual Basic.Net" (ISBN # 0-07-24903-4).  It has a lot of different projects that reinforce what is thought in each chapter.  My class is through my local community college, and it seems to be pretty good. And if you get it new, it comes with a full version of VB.NET  :)    Talk to your local college book store and see what they can offer.
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