Deleted user account in Windows 2000, and Pointsec

My friend asked me to repair his PC. By mistake I deleted his user account, and when I start up the PC, I am asked for user and password by Pointsec. When I use the old user name and password, and then click OK, the PC starts up, but when almost finished, I'll get asked again, and now the user name and password is not accepted. The disk is NTFS. Can I create a new user account from DOS? Or what can I do?
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sunray_2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:
We might be talking about 2 accounts here

a) user account - account name that you would have kept as per your choice
b) administrator -- the name of the account is itself "administrator"

You would not be able to delete b as it is an inbuilt account.

Try logging into the system as that account.

If the password is forgotten try this

Hi grethe,

Can you enter the system using Safe mode ?

or Last known good configuration

I donot think you can delete administrator account , least you could do is to only rename .
Have you tried to give the username as
and try blank password or if there was password set for it and see you can enter the system

Bottomline, you would not be able to delete built-in accounts
gretheAuthor Commented:
I am asked for password in safemode, too...
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