How do you go back into a Record Insertion form to edit it?

Once you specify a record insertion form (for sending form information to a database), is it possible to re-open it up and edit it?

It's quite frustrating not knowing how to. I have tried clicking just about everywhere. For example, if I want to change the 'display as' value for an entry, or change the 'After insert go to' page, do I really have to delete my form and start again? I imagine not, but can't open it up to edit. Annoying.



P.S. I'm assigning this 500 points, not because I think it's such a toughie, but because I paid the 10 dollars for the membership/unlimited points thingy, so may as well. Hope I'm not disturbing the 'balance'.
AdamTrying to learn phpAsked:
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In the panel group Application, select Server Behaviors and double click on the record set you want to edit. The list of Server behaviors is always for the current page shown in the editor.
AdamTrying to learn phpAuthor Commented:
Aaaa. I see.

Thanks for that sigmacon.


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