Run Win 98 programs in Win 2000!

How can I set windows 2000 to enable it to run some windows 98 programs, such as "Sims"?
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This can guide you and hopefully you can do what you need

How to Enable Application Compatibility-Mode Technology in Windows 2000 Service Pack 2


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ermelAuthor Commented:
Do I type " regsvr32 c:\winnt\apppatch\slayerui.dll"  I do not think that is correct. please specify.

go to start --> run and type that without quotes ..

have you tried ?  Any error ?

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ermelAuthor Commented:
I tried it and it did not take.......I'll let you know after I try it again. I think there should be a back slash after regsvr32.
Are you the administrator and can you do this

Administrators can use a program shortcut to set the compatibility mode for a target program. This requires that the Compatibility-mode properties be correctly installed and registered on the computer by using the previous steps. To enable Compatibility mode by using a program shortcut:

Log on as Administrator,
Right-click the shortcut, and then click Properties,
Click the Compatibility tab. This tab appears only if the Compatibility-mode interface has been properly enabled on the computer,
Click to select the Run in Compatibility Mode check box to enable Compatibility-mode support for the program,
Click either Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0 compatibility mode in the drop-down box,
Click OK to save the changes,
Double-click the shortcut to run the program.

ermelAuthor Commented:
I went to the windowsupdate on microsoft and fished downloading all upgrades and now the command above works.
So I recommend to all that you first finish updating your windows OS, before trying the above.
Cool.. Thanks and Glad you fixed your issue.
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