How to hook up a wireless router to a network with an existing router

I want to hook up a wireless router in my office.  There is an NT server on a
static IP of that is handing out DHCP addresses from .3 to .200.  There is
also a main office router that feeds into the NT server with a static IP

I have set up the wireless router on a static IP (, handing out DHCP
addresses from .202 to .254.  These DHCP addresses have been excluded from
the server's list of available IP addresses.

Problem: When I plug my office computer (set up for DHCP) into the wireless
router, it will access the Internet, but not the server's network drives or
the Exchange Server.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this.

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You should not use your wireless device as a router in this case - what you want is simply to use it as an accesspoint only. Some guessing from what you write leads me to suppose that your wireless box has one wan-connection and a number of lan-connections, in effect a combined router, switch, and accesspoint.

I guess you have the connection to your LAN into the WAN-port now? If so, move it to one of the LAN-ports. This will make the wireless clients part of the same subnet as your NT-server. Turn off DHCP in the wireless-box, as it has already been mentioned from sriwi you can only have one DHCP-server in a subnet.

Let us know how this works out for you.
Can you ping the server from the client ?
What os are you using on the client ?
What protocol are you using to browse the network ?

You might try adding the server ip address to your hosts file.

There can be only one DHCP server on the network, especially with windows, so you have to disable the wireless one, and let all the DHCP handled by NT box, by doing that all of the authentication will be ok, and there will be no error in your event viewer.

That is the main reason why you can't access all the server network because the user credential's cannot be found.

if you look at the server event viewer, it would says that there is another DHCP server on the network and window DHCP is turned off.

hope that help

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I did try your solution a while ago as I face the same problem at home, but the WIFI didn't work with the address I gave the router (subnet different)! I am interested to know if it works for Baggio...
just have it on the same subnet range as what your server is, simple :)

If you can't connect, then you have to disable all the encrytion, mac address filetering, etc and start from scracth, i will guarantee you that it will work, i did  that million of times on lot's of installation.

Good point cerebellum, it is a common mistake people do all the time, i did it first as well when i try to set it up.

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