FRoSDSL vs T1?

FRoSDSL appears to be the most cost effective way of getting the necesssary bandwidth.

I can get FRoSDSL Access and a 1.544 Mbps port with a 1Mbps PVC for the same cost as:

T1 Access and T1 port with a 512K PVC.

Both optons cost the same. A traditional T1 is no doubt the more reliable option. FRoSDSL seems to give me more bang for the buck though.

I would like to know an experts opinion of FRoSDSL vs a traditional T1.

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Maximus_MMXAuthor Commented:
If anyone has a comment..I'd be happy to here it.
Cost wise the FRoDSL will be more effective.

The big thing is Mean Time To Repair. With a dedicated circuit (leased line/T1) the response time is usually 6 hours. FRoDSL is around 24 hours. Now in reality, the response time is usually 1.5-3 hours... but by contract is set higher.

Some companies suggest or require the "core" site to have a T1 frame, and the remote sites are set up using the FRoDSL.

In my experience, a 1.54FRoDSL has usually sufficed for remote offices. Now if you are going to go up above a 2 site setup, that is where I and the phone companies agree on having a T1 frame at the core and FRoDSL on the sites.

But agian, I've had great experience with these. I've even seen some 911 networks setup with these as some backup/redundant links.

In reality though, this is all based off of ones budget.
Maximus_MMXAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input. You're right ... my decision is based largely on budget. With that being said, by switching to a 512k PVC with FRoDSL Access and a 1.544Mbps port vs a 1Mbps PVC, the cost saving is even greater.

In your experience working with FRoDSL, is the savings worth the sacrifice?
Usually when I have to advise customers on this situation, I try to weigh heavily their application requirements.

Such as:

How much bandwidth does the app require.
If the link goes down... will the site be dead in the water. (Consider backup links, or the frac. if it is mission critical.)
Will you have equipment on your locations that will allow you to do QoS? (Prioritize said mission critical packets, or protocols)

Various different factors weigh my decision as a whole.... but when you ask is savings worth sacrifice... the all play a part to that answer.

If your app does not eat bandwidth like it came from the willywanka factory... then yes, savings!

In this situation, I would get the FRoDSL installed. And run with it for a while. Since I don't know of any app requirements or network analasys for the situation I presume this setup would work fine for you. (Even better if it is SDSL and not ADSL)
You could always go back later if you deemed so, and put in the Frac. But if you go the other way, the installation charge for the frac is much greater than the inst charge for the DSL.

But again, on a whole... I usually say yes the sacrifice is worth it... rare cases depict otherwise, of which you have not stressed.

Good luck!

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