Using a Router WRT54G for Internet Cable

Hello there,
today I just got a modem and internet access with Comcast cable high speed. it is working perfectly but
I have a Router Wireless-G Broadband Router with 4-Port Switch Model WRT54G that I want to use
So I can get my two computers online. when I go to the configuration of the router I put static ip and
the information like Subnet Mask, gateway, dns servers etc... then save and I open a new windows
in IE and nothing it says page cannot display.
Any help with this issue will be grateful for me.
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Hi Xtry,

Why do you want to put static and why not DHCP ..
Try DHCP configuration in the router

in both of your computers go to properties under Internet protocol (tcp/ip)
and check there should be NO ip address if it is selecte DHCP in the router configuration.

Restart both the computers and check if you can go to Internet.
XtryAuthor Commented:
well i just did what you told me and nothing same thing =/
Lets work with wired connection and DHCP ..

Power off cable modem
Press the reset button at the back of the router for 2 mins. Power off router
Now turn on the cable modem
wait for 2 mins before all the lights come
once the lights come , turn on router . Wait until the WAN light comes.
Then connect the cable from router to your computer.
If it doesnot get the IP address , restart your computer. Check if you get the IP address and if still not do , go to command prompt and do
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
and then check if you can connect to internet.

Make sure going to LAN connection's network properties to see there is no static IP address setup.

Try temporarily turning off firewall in your computers..

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Alrighty... let's get to work here... :)

If you go into your router's web interface on the general tab there should be an internet address that is probably something like 192.168.1.x (it may be something else though) write this number down and mark it outside interface.

Just a little below that you will see the gateway interface, it will have 192.168.x (or whatever the outside interface had with a different value for x) write down this number and mark it modem's inside interface.

Now go to the LAN IP setup screen. Notice if the use router as DHCP server tab is checked. If it is, write down the values for the starting ip address and the ending ip address.

Now check the TCP/IP address in the box above labeled LAN TCP/IP address. That number needs to be between the starting ip address and the ending ip address that we see on that screen and that you just wrote down. Also, the IP subnet mask should be It's not necessarily a problem if it isn't but your life will be simpler if it is. Let me know if it is something different.

Now, on your computer. go to a cmd prompt and ping the router's inside interface. Should look something like this C:\ping 192.168.1.x. We want to see it come back and tell us 100% success. If not, at the command prompt type ipconfig. Your IP address has to be between the starting and ending addresses of the dhcp server that we identifiied earlier. If it is anything different, we have a problem.

If that worked, now lets ping the ip address of the outside interface of the router. same command as above just use the other address that you wrote down. If that fails you have a bad router.

If that works, ping the inside interface of the modem, if that fails, we've got a problem between the modem and the router. If it does work then we have a user/keyboard interface error :) just kidding... one of those things will fail and we will have to do a little more trouble shooting from there.

For instance, if the ping to the inside of the router fails, you can look at your ip configuration to make sure that it is all good, the SSID is set right, if wep or wpa is being used that that isn't causing a problem, if you have two nics, we might try a different nic, we might try moving the router right next to the computer, plugging the computer directly into the router and so on. So you can see that once we get it narrowed down, we may still have some work left to be done. Hopefully not though.

Let me ask one question very quickly though. Did the router instructions tell you to install the software while your computer was plugged into the modem and then plug in the router? This is an important first step because the router isn't smart enough to know anything about the modem, it needs to be told a little something. So the software you install on your computer can learn enough about the modem to inform the router, but if it never sees the modem, that can never happen. So if that wasn't done to begin with, go back and check the manual to see if it should have been.

OKie Dokie... let me know.

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XtryAuthor Commented:
thank-you very much guys you are the best!!!! =)

You had given a superb explanation here..


Glad you got what you wanted..

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