Shopping Cart or another solution?


I am currently working on a site where people can sell goods on it. I have a page where people can submit various fields and content to be submitted on the database and be viewed on the site. This is not a problem but I would like to add a feature which I have no idea how to go about doing.

I would like to make it possible for people to submit the form and in turn this goes to a preview page. At the preview page it gives them the option to edit, delete or submit the content. Again this is not a problem but I would like them to be able to add another submission if required and the preview page list all submissions they have entered. This then totals the cost of each submission and goes to a payment page.

This is very much like a shopping cart but I'm not sure if this is the right route to go down to get this working. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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A good start would be telling us what type of server tech you are working with: which scripting language, which database for starters.

There are out-of-the-box (and in some cases, free) solutions for most platfrom types. For what you want, it might be a case of combining a shopping-cart with a 'blogging' app or Content Management System, though some carts may contain both, such as - don't think this is setup for huge numbers of users, though...

Tell us about your server environment, and if possible more about your real-world requirements.

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