Rectangular box with rounded corner

Greetings. I'm getting my feet wet here and have a project.  I want to create a number of rectangular boxes (like buttons) with each having a different colored background.  Creating a box is easy.  I want to know if I can round the corners in Paint Shop.  Also, can I put a border around the box (either white of black) and have it fit to the rounded corner.
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To make a box with rounded buttons, click and hold the rectangle tool to get its sub-menu.  Then pick rounded rectangle tool.  Draw your box and it will have the rounded corners.  Now when you say you want a black border, I'm assuming that you are wanting to give the illusion of a 3D button.  To do this, go to the layer menu, select layer style and then drop shadow.  Now you have a lot of options to play with, but it looks good if you just click OK.  However, I like to roll the angle around to -45.  This will give the illusion of an unpressed button.  For a button that has been pressed, go to layer, layer style, inner shadow.  If you used 120 before, use 120 here and the same if you used -45 before.  That will give you your two different images to use for your button.

If this isn't what you were going for, let me know and I'll try to help you out with it.
tperegoyAuthor Commented:
OK, thanks so far.  I thought I was asking a Paint Shop question, but this works in Photo Shop (and I have both).   I do want t white or black edge and not a shadow.  I simply want a white or black band around the box.  

Oh, sorry, I just thought Photoshop because of the forum.  But, while we're in photoshop, the easiest way to make a border is just to draw your rectangle in your border color, make a new layer, and then draw another one inside it in your main color.
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there is also an option to use outlining in layer options...
it is called "stroke", and is the bottommost of all layer options.
Use the rounded rectangle tool, then double click your Layer in the Layers Window,  then on the window that pops up Choose.. Stroke and make sure it states that it is outside and choose a size of 3 or less, 2 & 1 works best with what you are wanting, choose the color and that's it. If you want more just like it Choose, layer from the main top file menu and Choose... Duplicate Layer.. as many times as you need to for your buttons.

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