Adding XP system to Home network

I have a home network with two computers - i'm thinking of adding in a third - a WinXP (sp2) desktop that i just bought.

In poking around in the XP network set up i noticed (for choosing the ICS computer) that it says:

"The computer must be one that you can leave on at all times so that the other computers can access the internet. If the computer is turned off the connection to the internet will not be available."

Is this really true - because right now i have a desktop (WinME) computer hardwired to a Netgear hub/wireless router and networked (wirelessly) to a Win98SE laptop . My desktop does not have to be on for the laptop to access the internet (obviously it does for printer and file sharing), but that's not what i understand from the above statement.

I'm confused before i've begun.

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ICS (Internet connection sharing) is a way to share the internet using windows, You would have two network cards installed in one machine, one would goto your modem, the other a hub/switch where other computers would connect as well.  What the warning is telling you is if your network was setup like this (the computer is the device thats sharing the internet) the other computers wouldn't be able to connect to the internet.

In your case since you have a netgear router doing this function you don't have to worry, so long as that has power you can get to the internet as well as connect to other computers on your network.
what dullz said -- please  don't take points from dullz and give to me for adding this!
davsayAuthor Commented:
Ok, thanks.
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