Repeated 0x800CC0F error

I had a lot of Outlook problems last week that seemed to be coming from a damaged Postscript file.  I deleted the email account, created a new one, and imported the backup and I've been running fine, now.

However, in the past day or so, whenever I Send/Receive, I get a message with Send/Receive error 0x800CC0F.  As far as I know, I am able to send and receive successfully, but this error comes up every time.

Is there something I should do?

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If you had already deleted the email account and recreated the profile , then may be you should first try doing
"detect and repair" going to help menu and check if that would help otherwise reinstall outlook and check.

Once you reinstall go to office update page and install all the latest updates..

Does that error come even if you send yourself an email and download it after few minutes..

I guess you are importing the same PST again
Try running this to repair PST and see

If your PST size is huge, you may want to compact it also.

Also make sure your system is free from virus and spywares..

Are you talking about Outlook or Outlook express ?

Check this first

How to troubleshoot error messages that you receive when try to send and receive e-mail in Outlook and in Outlook Express

Post back how it goes

artellaAuthor Commented:
Hi SunRay -

It's Outlook, not OE.

The procedures at these 2 links are the procedures that I did last week -- all of them, finally deleting the mail profile, creating a new one, and importing data.

Would you suggest that I do that exact same thing again?  Any idea why this would happen again, less than a week later?

Right now, I've just disabled Firewall, AntiVirus, etc., to try that -- I still get the error.

artellaAuthor Commented:
I ran the repair for the PST and that seemed to the work.  
Thanks for your help!

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