PC Doesn't work

I switched my computer on after not using it for a while and the monitor and keyboard didn't work.
I checked all the connections and the monitor has power but when I start my PC nothing happens.

I don't even think the computer is starting up because when I put a floppy disk in, it doesn't read it.

Any ideas?
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Can you give us a little more detail? Is anything plugged into a surge protector or UPS that might have tripped? Is everything plugged into the same outlet? Any lights at all come on when you try to start the PC? Any beeps?
If there are no lights or sounds, then you have two possible scenarios (ruling out surge protectors and outlet power): either your power supply (PSU) died or your motherboard is dead. It could be both :P. I see cheap PSUs go out all the time and if you didnt notice any smoke or funky smells the rest of the parts might me ok, but that PSU can take out the whole PC if you are unlucky. Try to get your hands on a spare PSU and see if that starts up (also try unplugging everything but your board and seeing if you can get some lights to come on.

If the board is toast, that is a lot tougher to troubleshoot. My money is on a bad PSU though so test that first.
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