decrypt encrypted files: how to make that .cer file

hi all,
i need create a cer (certificate file .cer) to send to someone  so he will be able to decrypt encrypted files on a network drive
can someone tell me where and how i must create a certificate for DECRYPTION
tks a lot
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look karel, there is some confusion, either u are not following them or im failing badly to follow =\

they have said, on first installtion, make a .pfx file and then a .cer
then goto the second installation and then run pfx. file (import Wizard)
and then add .cer in MMC manually
then "cipher /u" to update the encrypted files recovery agent info
and now it shud work !!

are u sure u are doing all this and still failing ??
if so, then can u have a dual boot system around u, where u can test it(as they have done it on a dual boot system)
and verify if it works for daul boot and just failing with network systems,,,,, or it just refuses to work in anyway =\
unfortunately i dont have a dual boot system, otherwise i wud surely gonna do this :-/
Hello karel_jespers =)

Read here, may be u can get some idea :)
karel_jespersAuthor Commented:
hi sheharyaarsaahil,
on the xp when i install the pfx the client can decrypt the files
when i install the cer for another client he cannot decrypt the files

why does the public key install (cer) does not allow the client to decrypt a files
ok karel.... u are saying that u exported the .pfx and then exported .cer
then u went to client system and run .pfx file and then added the .cer !!
this worked !!

but when u did the same on another system, it didn't work..... is it right or am i going to south here :-?
karel_jespersAuthor Commented:
hi sheraryaarsaahil,
what happens:
using the cipher command i created a pfx (privat key) and cer (public key)

when i tested both key by installing them an then trying to decrypt the files
it worded after installing the pfx

and when installing the cer on another system , i cant decrypt the files

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