Can't upgrade from XP Home to Pro because of "Replacement Logon Software"

During the compatibility check the system came up with the following message:

"Replacement logon software
An application has replaced the Microsoft Windows logon software on your computer, such as a biometric logon or smart card logon application. This program might no longer function after you upgrade, which might prevent you from logging on to your computer.  After you upgrade, even if the program functions, some operating system features might not be available. It is recommended that you uninstall this software before continuing with the upgrade

For more information about this driver, contact the device manufacturer or visit the manufacturer's Web site"
But they don't name software or manufacturer and I can't get past the message.

I don't know what Replacement logon software I might have.  There is an identical previous question on EE but that was on a Citrix server. I don't have Citrix.

The other option is a complete install. That prompt says "it MAY cause me to lose data".  What are the chances of that?          

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Hello ksander =)

You are having a laptop or OEM system ??
if yes then this can be the cause, coz OEM companies can modify the XP boot Logo to show their logo or something like that !!

>> The other option is a complete install. That prompt says "it MAY cause me to lose data".  What are the chances of that?  
A clean install means, formatting the hard drive and installing the fresh XP Copy, and ofcourse formatting will erase all ur data from ur hard drive !! =\
Replacement logon software might be a novell client.
I had an experience with this sort of thing, with a novell client, it might be novell client.

If you get an error message while doing the steps below please tell me what it was

Go into the control panel, users accounts, change the way users log on and off,
If there is not a tick in Use the welcome screen put one there
If there is       a tick in Use the welcome screen untick it

If you get an error message please tell me what it was (The entire message). (You probably will get one)

This will info should tell me which program is causing the problem, I can give you a sloution.

Do you know if you have any logon software other than windows?

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Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
This occurs because a third party GINA DLL is installed on the computer.  This could be the result of various things, including Novell (above), or any third party password utility.  More often than not, it is safe to continue and ignore the warning, but we would have to know exactly what was installed before we make a commitment on this....

ksanderAuthor Commented:
I don't have Novell client installed. It wasn't a modified boot screen. It was pcAnywhere.
I took adam1213's suggestion and got a message that said awgina.dll was the culprit (as Fatal_Exception surmised).
pcAnywhere is no longer needed so I uninstalled it and no longer have a problem.

Thank you all for the help  
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
Very good..  Thought that was the problem and glad you got it resolved...

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