Monitor incompatible with VGA card (?)


Recently i bought all the different parts of a computer separately and decided to connect them on my own. I bought the parts from different computer stores without thinking at the time of incompatibility issues. My problem now is this:

If i have the monitor turned on when i boot up the PC, then the screen goes white and the message in big green letter "BURN IN" appears, while i guess the windows load just fine, but i cannot see anything except that msg in the white background. After a few seconds the msg will start flashing.

If i have the monitor turned off when i boot up, then i have to wait and hear for a specific "bip" from my desktop. Only then if i turn the monitor on i can see the windows loading. Otherwise, if i don't hear the "bip" and i turn the monitor on i will get the same msg in white background. Consequently, sometimes i booted up around 15 times until i hear that noise.
So i decided that i'm going to leave my computer constantly on till i work this out. But the problem now is that every day or so the computer freezes unexpectedly and i can only restart, as i'm too afraid to shut it down!

I don't know if my CTX monitor is incompatible with my VGA card (sound,graphics,LAN are integrated on the motherboard) or if i have to upgrady my BIOS.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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what kind of errors are you getting in eventviewer? sounds like a definate hardware problem...but it's hard to tell where it's coming from. monitors shouldn' t really give you a problem in terms of being compatible with your video card (or at least i haven't seen a lot of that at all).

have you taken a look at device manager? try with a different monitor if you possibly can...otherwise it sounds like one of the components you bought could be at the bottom of it all. I know is hard to do, but try to troubleshoot one component at a time (up to and including returning them to the seller for a checkup).

That "bip" noise is called P.O.S.T. for power on self test....that should come up right away, if it's not consistent and fairly quick then it's something wrong with the computer/components. what happens when you unplug the monitor cable and boot up the computer?

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Try to get lover the refresh frequency.

Start pc.
When you see starting windows text on your monitor press F8, then select safe mode.
When windows booted up, right click on desktop -> Properties -> Settings -> Advanced -> Monitor -> Refresh Frequency. Change it to 60 Hertz. Go back to Settings and Set screen area to 1024x768.
Click Ok, and rebbot your pc.

If it worked, then you can set higher resolution and frequency. If you set unaceptable settings for monitor, don't worry after 15 second settings will be switched back to last good state.
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