How do I remove the "Remember my password" check box from the OWA 2k3 login prompt?

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      My problem is this. When you first request the OWA page a login prompt is displayed asking the user name and password. This prompt has a check box to remember the password and I want it removed or disabled. How can I do it?
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This is pretty close... It is for Windows 2000, but the process is almost identical.

There is also this one:

FreeSSL also have a guide at:

It isn't very complicated, the only thing that I would suggest is that you purchase a certificate rather than create your own. This will avoid error messages when the users connect to the site using a machine that isn't part of the domain.

If the machines that are accessing OWA are not part of your domain then you cannot. It is a feature of the browser/operating system.

Your best option is to get an SSL certificate and then enable Forms Based Authentication. This provides an HTML form for the user's to enter their username and password which means they cannot save their password.

matalyn1016Author Commented:
Can you point me to a "How To" for ssl and owa?
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