Meeting requirements for transcoding/streaming with VLC

How much cpu power would I need to transcode/stream using the following settings?


^--- I got the above line using the Streaming Wizard.

I'm trying to transcode/stream (on local network) from DVD to perhaps DIV3.

Currently, Im trying it on a Celeron 2.00Ghz cpu with 256mb ram.
[VLC 0.7.2/winxp]

When I check the task manager it looks like vlc wants more than 94% cpu

Are my settings correct? Is there any tweaking to be done?
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A V GeorgeAdditional General ManagerCommented:
- Transcoding of video invariably uses the power of the processor to the maximum.
- Increasing the RAM will not help for such applications.
- The architecture of Celeron processors is not best suited for applications like video transcoding or authoring - and definitely not for transcoding DVD across a network!
- You can try it out and will find that even a Pentium III with a much lower clock speed will perform better than the Celeron.
- To get the best performance go for the the Pentium IV processor with the fastest clock speed you can afford.
Hope this is of some help :-)

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