Limiting web access with Win2K Pro

I'd like to block all web access EXCEPT for one particular web page.  Is there any way to do that w/o using 3rd party firewall softtware or a router?  I'm using:

-Windows 2K Pro
-Linksys router BEFSR41  (which cannot do it, I've learned)

Or, does anyone know of some shareware/freeware for Win2k that can do this?  Basically, I just want to limit all web surfing except for

Thanks a bunch....

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Don't put any IP address in for nameservers, and simply have the hotmail IP addresses in a local hosts file..

You won't be able to find anything except these hotmail servers.
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1.) open IE --> Tools --> Internet options --> content --> content advisor --> enable --> set a supervisor password.
2.) Tools --> Internet options --> content --> content advisor --> settings --> ratings --> set to level4
3.) Tools --> Internet options --> content --> content advisor --> settings --> approved sites --> enter the site link, which you want to allow --> press allow
4.) Tools --> Internet options --> content --> content advisor --> settings --> general --> unmark: supervisor can type a password ...

--> only this site can be viewed now, to change the settings you need the supervisor password.

hope that helps you
If you have a larger group of desktops involved in this you might want to look at ccProxy...

This provides a centralized management console that can do exactly what you are asking for.

raptor1234Author Commented:
Thanks for all your replies.  I've found using Explorer's content advisor (thanks to Jochen,) though not perfect, seems to work fine.  The only problem is every banner and pop-up from hotmail throws a warning saying it's not on the approved list.  I tried added some but they change so often its not worth it and I just have them hit "cancel," on those.    If I need a more robust solution, I might try ccProxy.

Thanks again for all your replies,

My simple solution is just as valid.
Perhaps a split?
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