Home grown favorites

Within chm help for the platform SDK you can add a topic to favorites .. this ends up going to C:\Documents and Settings\Mutley2003\Favorites (under XP)
with an entry like

two questions

1. How do I build a chm file so that it will allow adding favorites

2. If I want to add favorites from my Delphi app that are NOT web urls or locations within a chm file, how could I do it. Say for example that I had a database of code snippets

how could I do
ie add that to C:\Documents and Settings\Mutley2003\Favorites
and have a click on that (eg from Explorer or IE) invoke my app and do nice lookup stuff?

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hum... nobody  seems to know.... well here are some intersting links on this topic which might help


if you already have a .chm help file - make it HTML friendly with this -


I think your best bet is to find a free tool to create a .chm file then use the above link to make it HTML friendly

sorry I cant be of more assistance

Mutley2003Author Commented:
hmm, well thanks for all that chm info but I don't think I yet know

a) how to build a chm file that will allow adding favorites.

however the west-wind link above says
Help 2.0 is Microsoft's developer help engine that is used for MSDN and Visual Studio. It has a separate viewer. Help 2.0 does not have real desktop help engine support as CHM does, so it's not really meant for end user documentation although you can make it do that if you really want to. Help 2.0 requires that the MSDN viewer is installed. This help format is primarily meant for developer documentation that needs to plug into MSDN or Visual Studio .NET. Installing Help 2.0 files requires registration and some external tools which makes distributing these files somewhat difficult.

so it may be that we simply cannot do what I want with html help 1.. the standard chm.

b) it remains an open question as to whether I can do

ie add that to C:\Documents and Settings\Mutley2003\Favorites

this looks rather like pluggable protocols, see


these are all IE related, but it is possible to add favorites from Explorer and apparently from other apps - if I knew how
you can initialy create a .chm file with one of the programs on this site

you can then turn that chm file into a HTML help using the below program

you should then be left with something like this

which would run in IE, and you could then add to favorites from thier- no plu-ins necessary ... I think when running it localy you might get a URL looking more like MyCodeSnippets://whateverThisIs/someTopicGroup/SomeKeyword

you could then launch that from the delphi application using code from this thread


to create a URL link:

you will need to find the favorites folder for the default browser and in it you will need to save a file with the extention .URL

the format of the file should be -



I am unsure how the modified bit is worked out but the other two seem easy enough :)  the name of the file is what will be shown on the favorites list...

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this link provides the info you need to create the file


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Mutley2003Author Commented:
ok, I still don't know enough to create my own protocol, but there is some good info there - particularly the URL file format link

Thanks for the points sorry I couldnt be of more help
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