Migrating a flash animation to a tv commercial spot

I made a kind of complex flash intro for a website. I need to convert the flash animation (and sound) to some format, maybe .avi or .mov, so it can be watched on tv like a commercial spot. I used a resolution of 720x486 and 30fps.

I would like to know what is the best method to convert this flash animation to a format (avi/mov/etc and what format can be use too?) that can be easily edited by the tv stuff?

The flash animation has some actionscript and complex animations. I try to use the export method to avi, but some animations doesn't show on the end result. I'll try to use the quicktime option, but any further assistance in the meantime on this subject will be very appreciated. I don't have experience on working with encoding on avi, mov, mpg, etc.
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You can use Camtasia Studio. It provides great possibilities.
There is free 30 days trial version:
The export to video doesnt work with actionscript. I think it might work with quicktime, but probably not.
What i have done before, is use my "vide- out" and "video-in" in my video card to output and capture the movie in full screen to the computer.
Just a note on apg88's comment on QuickTime - QuickTime 6 does support most Flash 5 actionscript features: here's some info...

However, even with QuickTime, it actually uses a licensed version of the Flash played integrated into the QuickTime player, this isn't going to be easy to transfer it into a format for a TV spot.

I think what you really need to do is to put ALL of the animation onto the main timeline, and remove all actionscripting, so you can output as mpg or something.

Or, use apg88's suggestion for capturing the output Flash somehow, if there is really too much actionscripting to do without it (don't give me any points for this point alone though!).

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Also, if you are using Adobe Premiere, get SWF2Video plugin for premiere. It supports acitonscript, alpha channels and more.
majterAuthor Commented:
I have successfully imported the animation to quicktime .mov. But it seems that the animation lost some quality, and by increasing the size it seems kind of slow (It could be needed to do this)

I also have use Flashants SWF2Video Pro 1.0 (not plugin) for exporting the animation to AVI (without compression), but the resulting AVI file is very very huge (800Mb) in contrast to 500Kb of quicktime. There is also a problem with the audio that seems to be absent of the AVI. The video quality is good!!. By using some codecs already installed on the system for AVI compression the animation losses quality again. I think, I'm not using very well the configuration of this codecs.
majterAuthor Commented:
I'll give the points soon and also a possible solution. thanks for your comments, sorry for the delay.
majterAuthor Commented:
I have done the following:
0) Make the obvius swf file, the one I want to make a tv spot with or without audio.

1) Use Macromedia to export only the audio (mp3). You could also use a professional program like Sound Forge 7/Sony Vegas 5 to edit only the audio.

3) Use Flashants SWF2Video Pro 1.0 (not plugin) for exporting "only" the animation to uncompressed AVI format (very huge size 800Mb for just 30 seconds). Not the audio.

4) Use Sony Vegas 5 (or similar) to compose the video an audio. And then, export the final result to whatever format this tool supports and you want.

The final result is very good and depends on the flash animation quality, at firts I was kind of slow tv spot but as soon I use a better video card (128Mb) it was better. You can use Flash to make quite impressive tv spots.

Thanks to all.
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