desktop hijacked by desktop.html

My desktop background is now white and flashes to a light
grey. Right click/Properties on desktop and only get a
general tab - no options to change anything. The address
[URL] is file://C:\WINDOWS\Web\desktop.html. This is the
name of one of the files that I deleted after my pc was
infected by several files containing trojan viruses etc
[e.g. mstasks2.exe, system.exe, wintime.exe etc...] and
my desktop was taken over by this desktop.html and made
up of circa 20 gifs that had been created in
c:\windows\web directory.
Try to change desktop background via control
panel/Appearance and Themes - the Display
Properties/Desktop tab is available and indeed shows my
desired background picture, the name is highlighted but
the apply function is greyed out. Selecting ok does not
change the desktop background. Also my desired desktop
background is momentarily visible during windows shutdown.
Searching in the registry for desktop.html reveals the
In hive My
Explorer\Desktop\Components\0 , the keys Source and
SubscribedURL both contain the values
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Hello jibranilyas =)

>> Display Properties/Desktop tab is available and indeed shows my desired background picture, the name is highlighted but the apply function is greyed out.

Can u click the Customize button there ??
if yes the click it, and remove all the pages enttries from here excet the My Current Home Page
apply and now cehck ??

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i was assuming there that u have XP, if u dont have then check here on How to Disable Active Desktop on easlier versions of Windows >>
In Short, u are having the Avtive Desktop enabled on ur system, and u just need to disable it to get rid of that web page and to get back ur normal backgrounds :)
Post back if u still face any difficulty.... =)
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jibranilyasAuthor Commented:
yes,,, i have it enables... but i don't see the web tab in display properties
which OS are u using jibran ??
jibranilyasAuthor Commented:
yuppp got it...

i changed the resolution to the highest... so the webpage moved to the left side...

then i went to display properties --> desktop --> customize desktop --> RESTORE DEFAULT...

Thanks so much yar...
jibranilyasAuthor Commented:
its server 2003 :)
lol..... server 2003.... the new beast ;-)
glad u got it fixed, Cheers ^_^
jibranilyasAuthor Commented:
i know yar... just installed it...
went to a serial bhai bandi site and look wat happened..

glad its all well now !
I have the same desktop.html but it keeps coming back.  In control panel \display\desktop \web  there is a file that states security which is this desktop.html that refers to some spyware page.  On every reboot this file is recreated and added back to the desktop active items.  There is some program that keeps adding this back to desktop active items per each boot.  Ran all kinds of spyware utilities. Some free some bought still cannot find program.
jibranilyasAuthor Commented:
right click on desktop ( meaning ,, try to get outside of that html page... go for the corners )
or go from control panel-->display

display properties --> desktop --> customize desktop --> RESTORE DEFAULT...


display properties-->desktop-->customize desktop-->web

let me know
john you have to post your own question in order to get a solution, posting your problem in other users questions is not considered as a good thing here :)
jibran..... o bhai kissi mod ne dekh liya na to shamat aa jaye gi tumki ;-)
jibranilyasAuthor Commented:
sheharyar bhai... abhi tak jaag rahey ho ;)

john,,, just copy n paste my question...

i m pretty sure ur problem will be resolved
haan... aadat ho gayi hai ab :)
jibranilyasAuthor Commented:
uhhh, i c


hey btw, have u heard the aadut song from jal ? :P
hehe... yeah heard.... but i didn't like that :-S
jibranilyasAuthor Commented:
wow,.. aap kafi honest lagtey ho..
anyway, listen to lamhey or bheegi yadein...

gotta go... buh bye...

us becharey ki help kardena yar :P
hmmm 24 saal ka hone ke baad honest hona hi parta hai ;-)
aaj kal Veer Zaara ka nasha chara hai mujhe, woh utre ga to zaroor sunoo ga.... hehe :->

us becharey ki help ki to mujh bicharey ki kaun help kare ga... :-\
lol.... take care... Allah Hafiz!!
control panel>> Display>>Desktop>>Customize Desktop>>WEB>
Under the web pages there will be a entry called security>> just delete that and you will get your desktop back.
Hope this helps it worked for me.
Thanks.  Helped me too.

Jon Jacobik
Rescuecom Computer Service
Thanks cjones,l was really scratching me head on this one.
Well done folks, mine was the "security" one too.
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