Checkpoint Secure VPN-1 using NAT ?

Is there a way to establish a vpn client tunnel using CheckpointSecure VPN-1 client with a invalid/Natted ip.

i.e. the Desktop is behind a nat on the Firewall. with a Checkpoint secure vpn-1 Client software.

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chris_calabreseConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The current crop of CheckPoint client software supports UDP and TCP tunneling in order to work over NAT. It doesn't always work, but it might. Give it a try.
let me add my 2 cents (not for point):
it's called UDP encapsulation, and the idea is to pack the whole IPsec packet (which originally misses TCP/UDP header), into another UDP+IP headers. (UDP is preferred over TCP as it's easier to implement and faster).

[newIP [newUDP [IPSec's IP[ENCRYPTED DATA......]]]]

there are some creepy flags in configuration files, which may have confusing meanings, but other then that, the feature rather works, then it doesn't .....
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