J2EE 1.4 Server and Java Applet

Dear All,

I am developing a J2EE 1.4 Application with the J2EE default Server.

I'm trying to upload Java applet to J2EE Application in J2EE DeployTool, using Web Component.
as I tried to drag and drop the applet classes into a custom folder, on the tree directory, the class files are automatically copied to "classes" folder, leaving the HTML.

I wanted to keep the applet class files with the HTML files in one custom folder (say folder CUSTOM)

anybody know how to accomplish that ?

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Tommy BraasCommented:
Hi Slowang,

Package your applet class files in a jar file. Change the tags in your html file to a codebase referencing a jar file.

When adding the jar, using the deployment tool, after adding it, move it to the desired location.

SlowangAuthor Commented:
Thanks mate~!

problem solved~!
Tommy BraasCommented:

No worries, mate! (wife from aus... :)
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