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I am working with an intranet application, I have a login page, where I can enter username/password in the textboxes, however, as soon as I sign into my application and try to add some text in any textbox, it simply does not work i.e. I am unable to add ANY text in ANY textbox across my app.

Please tell me whats wrong?

Please Help ASAP!

Thanks in advance!
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vinhthuy_nguyenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi buddy,
Pls post the code, I don't get you much.
But I guess that if you can't add any text  into textbox, it looks like your textbox is disable the "Enable" property
Pls check if "Enable = False", change it to True.
Have a nice day.
Hi Binzayed

Have you checked that the textboxes have their properties set correctly?  In other words, make sure the textbox properties are not set to "Read Only"
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