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When I go into Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) properties under the general tab and select Advanced, I see I have the option to add one or more IP/Default gateway addresses. When would you need to do this?

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chiprockConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You would need to add another gateway if your network changed.  Examples of this could be,

- Your existing gateway's (router or whatever) IP address changed.  For some reason your ISP changed this, there could be many.  Then your gateway may change.  For the most part you wouldn't need to worry about this situaiton as tmcguiness said above, it would get handed out to you via DHCP (dynamic method of handing out, IP address, DNS servers, gateway...)

-  You added an internal network.  So you have a private network that uses say 10.10.x.x ip addressing with a subnet mask of  You add another network that is 10.11.x.x with the same subnet mask.  In order for you to access any computers located on this 10.11.x.x you would need to specify the gateway.  This can be done with having one gateway that is aware of all of the networks or by listing out mulitple gateways for all the other networks.  Does that make sense?

Let me know if you need more, any specifics on a problem or concern you are having could help me give you a better anwser,

tmcguinessConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Unless you are on a closed network (you don't go anywhere but your network) you have to have a default gateway. Gateway is just another term for router. If you are getting your IP configuration through DHCP, your network administrator is handling it for you. If you are using static IP configurations you would need to assign a default gateway address.

If you go to a command prompt and type ipconfig you will be able to see the value currently assigned as your default gateway.

I hope that answers your question. If not just clarify the points that I missed and I'll fill in any blanks.

Have a good day!
Peter_FabriAuthor Commented:
That's clear with regards to gateways, but the IP address bit is what I'm not sure about. When would I want/need to add another IP address?

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