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I have recently installled Exchange 2003, i understand OWA is installed automatically.
In IIS all the virtual directorys are installed, I am having problems viewing Outlook in a browser. I have played with the virtual directories in IIS but it hasn't sorted the problem.
In the end i deleted the folders and recreated them but i couldn't remeber the settings required for the virtual folders i.e. Home Directory and other information. I wonder if i can get the settings so i can recreate the virtual directories.


Paul Davis
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is the official word on recreating the virtual folders:


side note: if you have sharepoint installed on OOW server - it will not allow OOW to run, and sharepoint need to be uninstalled
Not true. Sharepoint and OWA can co-exist. It just takes some fiddling around in the OWA config to get them to run together. I have two clients using both, including one who uses OWA data in the sharepoint web site.

Of course it can but I think the original poster intent was to have OOW running and requirement for sharepoint was not stated.

The easiest way for them to coexist is either setup separate IIS WWW site which is not sharepoint "enabled"  for OOW or change permissions on "sharepoint enable" (which is a default) site.  Permission change for sharepoint enabled site will make some or all sharepoint functionality non operational.

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