Opening Outlook PST with a double click

Hi Everyone,

I would like to be able to open a personal folder .pst file just by double
clicking on it. Basically the same behaviour when you double click on a word
or excel document, it opens the program and displays it.

I've tried setting an association with outlook.exe but this just seems to
attach the .pst file to a new e-mail.

Can anyone help? Please!

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ddrewtxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Outlook Personal Folders (.pst) files were designed to be opened from inside Outlook ONLY.  I used to support Outlook and I could not get a good 'why' answer and I presume it was because of security reasons.  Outlook .PST files do have a password capability and because of this security feature, it will not open using the double click.


Dale Drew
Hi glenajones,

I have not tested with outlook but this PST viewer might help

Post back how it goes

glenajonesAuthor Commented:
Hi, Thanks for the replies, i was unable to find a way of opening in the way i wanted. Glen.
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