pc suddenly will not display anything

my cousins rig is this. p41.7 , jetway p4mfm mobo, 128 mb pc2100, onboard video, onboard sound and an internal modem. she got a generic psu, a cdrom drive and cdwriter. the problem is when she is booting her pc, the monitor will shut down but the power led on the case is still yellow. the power led on the monitor is red at this time. i tried replacing the ram and switching between the two dimm slots but still the same thing happens. i tried also installing winxp pro but still the same problem. now i am suspeting that it is the mobo or the processor that is malfunctioning. i will try tomorrow
using her processor on my pc and check if the same problem will occur. also my other cousin will try to use her mobo on his pc to check it also. now the question is, am i on the right way on finding out what the real problem is? additional info is sometimes i can boot to windows and use the pc but when i shut it down then after 30 min when i open it, the problem is there again.
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Hi  zgeth

This sounds like

Bad connections, bad PSU, bad MOBO or bad CMOS battery

This can be very difficult to troubleshoot, but i think the right way is to check components in other computers

But Bad connections can be checked just reseat everything and check for dirt and corrosion
CMOS battery is also easy to check just measure the voltage

Check for bad capacitors on MOBO, use this link and click on the pictures to identify bad capacitors


Here is the link for identifying bad caps

sounds like you have the bios setup wrong...

try changing the option in bios called "init display" (or variants on that), usually in integrated peripherals, to the other option from what it currently is...

when you do your first power-up (and it lock up) does just pressing the reset button make it boot? I had a similar issue where this was the case.
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zgethAuthor Commented:
ive tried reseating everything. but still the same problem.
ive tried resetting the bios jumpers but still the same thing.
the only thing left is checking the cmos battery and checking the bad capacitors.  i also notice that some of the capacitors have rusts on top of it. i'll try later inserting her processor on my rig if it is the problem. also ill try my processor on her mobo.  
I also notice that some of the capacitors have rusts on top of it.

Then I would say the MOBO is the culprit, but your tests will surely show


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If it was working, then wasn't working, then I would have to say either motherboard (as you mentioned leaky capacitors) or power supply.  You didn't mention if you tried a different PSU.  Please no points for me, I'm just re-confirming what was stated earlier by others.
zgethAuthor Commented:
ive figured it out. its the mobo. ive tried his processor on my mobo and it works.  weve tried his mobo on my cpu and it froze. also the stock hsf which should be getting 2400 min rpm only gets 1400 rpm at most. tnx for the help guys. ill give the credit to stockhes.  ciao.
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